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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Dental Bonding

When it is time to completely transform the look of stained, chipped or imperfect teeth, bonding could be the perfect solution. The dental bonding process completely covers flaws, and can quickly restore your teeth and give you a dazzling smile.

How Does Bonding Work?

We all wish we were born with perfect teeth, but this is rare. Dental bonding is a process that quickly corrects a range of flaws. It takes experienced hands to correctly bond teeth, and Dr. Omid Barkhordar is a respected cosmetic dentists the Gardena area. With his help, bonding can do the following:

  • Restore teeth with areas of decay
  • Fix chips in teeth
  • Give you a whiter smile
  • Increase the length of teeth that are too short
  • Resolve oddly shaped teeth for a better appearance

Is Dental Bonding the Answer for You?

We offer many options at Gardena Dental Care, and bonding could be the answer you are looking for. We employ a range of dental techniques so that we can identify the most effective resolution for your specific issue. Imperfect smiles can also be corrected with crowns or veneers. Come and see us at our office and learn which option will best work for you.

Bonding is one of the easiest and least expensive processes for a smile enhancement. The dental bonding process involves the removal of less of your natural tooth enamel than crowns or veneers, but the materials are less stable and stain more easily, so caring for your bonded teeth is an important issue. Crowns and veneers are much more durable and long lasting, and we will take the time to explain each process to you fully so you can make the right decision for you. When you have your first consultation with Dr. Barkhordar, all of these issues will be discussed so you fully understand the advantages of each process. We ensure that when you make a decision, you are informed, and you will understand which restorative procedure will be best for you and the issues you want to correct.

The Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding, in almost all cases, is pain-free. Dr. Barkhordar will perform the bonding process on you without the need for anesthetic. The first step is the use of a “shade guide” to select the correct bonding material and perfectly match the color of your other teeth. The next part of the process involves what is called an etching tool, used to prepare the surface of the tooth and to hold the bonding materials securely in place.

Once the tooth surface has been prepared, a conditioning liquid is applied to the surface area. This conditioning liquid helps the bonding material adhere to the natural tooth. The next part of the process is when Dr. Barkhordar’s outstanding skills come into play, as the bonding material (a type of resin) will be carefully molded to match with your other teeth. Once the molding of the new tooth is completed, a special blue light is used, which bonds the material to your tooth. The final step is refining the shape of the bonded tooth for a perfect result.

After Bonding: Caring for Bonded Teeth

Once you have dental bonding, you will need to correctly care for your new, beautiful smile. Caring for bonded teeth isn’t difficult. You will need to practice normal good hygiene, brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. The bonding materials can chip or break if you bite down on harder foods or chew on pens, ice, or tend to bite your fingernails — so avoid those actions to keep your bonding intact. Come visit Gardena Dental Care every six months for your check-up and cleaning. With careful care and attention, bonding generally lasts for three to ten years. After that point, a touch-up will repair any areas that have damage so you can keep your smile perfect.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Office

Are you ready for beautiful teeth? Transforming your smile boosts self-esteem, and the results in your personal life can be immeasurable. Whether you decide on bonding, veneers, or crowns, we will, together with you, identify the solution that best fits your situation. Contact us today for an appointment at our Gardena office – we are here to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

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His staff is super friendly and he’s downtown in a great local. I’m a very happy patient, and love my new dentist. I highly recommend him!

- D.E. Santa Barbara, CA
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Dr. Omid was friendly and courteous. He explained what needed to be done and gave me options. I never felt pressured. I’m glad I found this office.

- V.P. Ventura, CA
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