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Dental Crowns

Dental CrownsA crown is a natural looking tooth that caps the structure of your existing tooth. A crown will completely resolve an imperfect tooth, and is extremely durable and long lasting. The natural structure of your tooth completely supports the crown, and restores or changes the size, shape and strength of a tooth.

Why Are Crowns Placed?

There are several situations that warrant the placement of a dental crown, including the following:

Enhancing Appearance

A tooth may be too small, oddly shaped, or was damaged, affecting strength and appearance. When the crown is in place, the appearance of such a tooth is either enhanced or restored and will now be in perfect alignment as well.

To Strengthen an Existing Tooth

If a tooth has been broken, worn, or otherwise damaged, a crown can be placed to repair the problem and create a new, strong tooth that will last for years and years.

To Support a Bridge

If you are in the process of getting a dental bridge to replace a lost tooth, crowns are often placed on either side of the gap, so that the bridge can be placed securely and will have a strong foundation.

For Tooth Protection

If a specific tooth is in danger of breaking due to cracks or other damage, Dr. Barkhordar may advise you to repair the tooth with a crown so it is protected and no longer at risk.

How Does Getting a Dental Crown Work?

Putting a dental crown in place takes two visits to our office. The first step is preparing the tooth so that the crown will fit snugly when it is permanently affixed. You will receive X-rays to evaluate the tooth and identify any areas with decay, infection, or that have been impacted by an injury. When needed, a root canal may be performed in these cases.

The next step involves applying anesthetic so you are pain-free, and then filing the tooth down so that the crown can be anchored. The amount of tooth that is removed varies, based upon the type of crown that is going to be placed. A metal crown involves a lesser amount of tooth to be removed, and porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns will require more tooth to be filed away for a perfect fit. If your tooth has already had decay or damage, special materials will be applied to reinforce and strengthen its structure so that the crown can be placed.

After the tooth has been reshaped to fit the crown, a dental impression will be taken. This impression allows Dr. Barkhordar to create a custom crown for you. If you are getting a porcelain crown, the shade of the material will be carefully selected so the tooth matches the others perfectly. The creation of your crown will take two or three weeks to finish. During this time, you will have a temporary crown for both protective and cosmetic reasons.

When the crown is created and ready to be placed, you will come back to the office, where Dr. Barkhordar will numb your mouth so you are comfortable and free from pain. The crown will be placed using a special, permanent dental cement, and once this step is completed, you can look at yourself and enjoy the appearance of your healthy, restored smile.

Caring for Your Crown

A crown is so stable that little care is needed beyond practicing good dental hygiene. As the crown has been placed over a natural tooth, there is always the possibility of tooth decay or the development of gum disease, so taking care of your mouth is exceptionally important. Brush twice daily, floss once daily, and ensure you have a checkup and cleaning at our office every six months. Crowns are very strong, but if you bite something particularly hard, just like a tooth, they can break. Avoid grinding your teeth, nail-biting, chewing ice, or biting down on pens or other hard objects. If you care for your crown correctly, they typically last for up to fifteen years.

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