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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Family Dentistry

  • Periodontics

    Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that addresses gum disease. Our state-of-the-art treatments function to eliminate infections and restore oral health.

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  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

    If there is insufficient room in your mouth to accommodate your wisdom teeth, they will need to be extracted. We take care of wisdom teeth, including more complicated cases.

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  • Root Canal

    If you need a root canal to save a tooth, unlike many dental offices, you won’t need to go to another office or specialist to have the procedure done.

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  • Dental Checkup

    We perform thorough dental checkups and keep your teeth professionally cleaned, helping you to maintain the long-term health of your mouth and teeth.

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  • Pediatric Dentistry

    As a leading child’s dentist, Dr. Barkhordar understands how to work with toddlers, children and teens. You will be surprised to discover that they look forward to going to the dentist, and take more responsibility for their own oral health.

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  • Gardena Family Dentist

    We provide dental treatment for the entire family, including toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, and older people. Find out about the wide range of services we offer.

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  • Composite Fillings

    Composite fillings are crafted out of tooth-colored material that perfectly matches your natural teeth. These are a durable and completely discreet way to treat cavities.

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  • Sedation Dentistry

    We want all of our patients to be pain-free when getting treatment. We use sedatives so that you are completely relaxed throughout the visit, and experience no pain.

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  • Abrasion Lesions

    When dental work has created friction on the gums, abrasion lesions can occur. We address and handle dental lesions, and your treatment will be customized to suit your individual situation.

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  • Emergency Dentistry

    If you experience a painful dental emergency, we can help. Whether a toothache, broken tooth, lost filling or crown, or other dental problem, we have the emergency treatments you can count on to solve your problem.

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  • Deep Cleaning

    In treating gum disease, a deep cleaning may be required. These cleanings halt the spread of infection, and the spread of gum disease, restoring and maintaining optimum oral health.

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  • Braces

    Straightening Teeth for Children and Adults Braces are the most effective way to solve a range of alignment problems, including overcrowded teeth, gaps between teeth, crossbite, underbite, and overbite. When your teeth are not...

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  • Tooth Extraction

    Sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth to prepare for other treatments, or restore dental health. We treat our patients with unmatched care, and make the process as stress-free as possible, gently extracting the problem tooth.

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