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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Pediatric Dentistry

Working with infants, toddlers, children and teens takes real interpersonal skills and an understanding of what motivates the young. At Gardena Dental Care, we are proud of our ability to engage our young patients in caring for their teeth, and for setting them on the road towards maintaining good dental habits throughout the rest of their lives.

Finding A Good Pediatric Dentist Matters.

We want our children to feel that going to a dentist appointment is a positive event – not something to fear. Some children have had bad experiences with earlier treatment, and we do everything possible to make them feel comfortable and dispel those emotions. A good pediatric dentist understands how children think and react, and is able to calm any fears. You may be surprised to find out your child actually looks forward to coming to our office – it is a fun experience!

The First Dental Visit

While your child is getting a dental examination, we feel it is best that Mom or Dad is in the treatment chair, holding the child. During the examination, Dr. Barkhordar will be checking for any signs of tooth decay, bite problems (overbite, underbite), or other dental issues that could affect teeth, gums or jaw. When it is needed, our hygienist will carefully and gently clean your child’s teeth. Our dentist will talk to you about ways you can manage and maintain your child’s dental and Every child should see a dentist by their first birthday, or six months after the first tooth comes in, whichever is first. There will be little to no treatment involved in this visit. It is merely to check over your child’s mouth to identify any issues that may need to be resolved in the future, and introduce your little one to our dentist and our friendly, caring staff.

Oral health, and answer all of your questions. Many parents have concerns about misaligned teeth from thumb-sucking, and we can help.

After the first dental examination, plan to bring your little one for a checkup every six months. These checkups make it possible for us to identify and resolve any dental issues earlier, long before they develop into a more serious problem. We make the entire process as comfortable and pain-free as possible, and many of our parents are surprised to discover that their children really look forward to their dental appointments. Our offices are kid-friendly!

Caring for Your Child’s Dental Health Throughout the Years

As your child grows, needs will change. When he or she is five or six years old, the first set of X-rays are taken. The X-ray images give Dr. Barkhordar the ability to identify any cavities, and to evaluate how the set of permanent teeth are developing in the jaw.

Between the ages of six and twelve, all of your child’s baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth emerge. After the permanent teeth are in place, we often recommend applying a dental sealant over the molars to protect against decay. Early orthodontic treatment may be advised, and treating issues such as overbite, underbite or misaligned teeth while the teeth and jaw are still growing, and softer, can allow the issues to be resolved without more comprehensive orthodontic treatments later.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment with Dr. Barkhordar

A stunning, perfect smile does wonders for a child’s quality of life. Call today to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist, and meet our friendly, capable team at our Gardena office.

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His staff is super friendly and he’s downtown in a great local. I’m a very happy patient, and love my new dentist. I highly recommend him!

- D.E. Santa Barbara, CA
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Family Dentistry

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I can not say enough about See Me Smile Dental, Dr. Omid, and his staff. I hope you will consider them if you live or work in Gardena because they have proven to be one of the best dental offices I have ever been to!

- V.S. Ventura, CA
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