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Root Canal

When tooth decay advances, it will affect the softer tissue (pulp) and nerves in the tooth. In these cases, a root canal is usually the process employed to fully resolve the condition and help you avoid the need for a tooth extraction. Keeping your natural teeth is important, and a root canal resolves the problem of a tooth affected by deep decay.

If You Need a Root Canal

When a patient is suffering from the pain of a toothache, it is a symptom that often indicates the need for a root canal. A swollen area of the gum, sensitivity to hot or cold, a tooth that has darkened in color, or a severe toothache are other symptoms that may mean you need a root canal to resolve. Only a full dental exam can determine what treatment will bring you relief. Schedule an appointment at Gardena Dental Care. Dr. Barkhordar will examine and evaluate your condition and provide you with a custom dental treatment plan to protect and preserve your teeth, whether a root canal or other procedure.

Root Canal Treatment: What to Expect

Prior to performing a root canal, you will need an initial appointment so that our dentist can evaluate your condition. In the first meeting, he will need X-rays to help him identify the areas of infection, the location, and the severity of your dental issue. The X-ray images allow us to create a customized treatment plan to help you resolve your dental problem, and bring you relief.

After a full evaluation, your root canal procedure will be scheduled. The first step involves numbing the area with a local anesthetic so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. A rubber barrier will be placed around the tooth being treated so that no moisture enters the area during the process. The affected tooth will be drilled, and all decay, bacteria, and affected pulp removed with a specialized dental tool. After all of the infected area has been removed, a dental liquid is injected into the tooth that clears away debris.

After the infected part has been removed, the area is sealed. This usually takes place the same day. Dr. Barkhordar will place a dental compound and sealing paste inside the root of the tooth, and then fill the upper area of the tooth with a composite filling, matching the color of your natural teeth. In cases in which an infection is still active, this will have to be resolved prior to sealing and filling the tooth. A specific dental medication will be injected into the tooth area, and a temporary filling placed to protect the area until the following appointment, in which the tooth will be sealed.

Once the root canal is sealed, it may be necessary to place a crown to restore the tooth, as much of the upper area of the tooth may need to be removed if it had been seriously decayed. A crown will protect the tooth structure, and once in place, will function exactly like a natural tooth. All of your treatment options will be discussed with you prior to any dental work taking place, and we are happy to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Recovering from a Root Canal

Once your root canal treatment is completed, the pain associated with the decay will diminish, bringing you the relief you need. You may have some lingering inflammation and some degree of discomfort for a short period of time. This form of pain is easily managed with over-the-counter pain relieving medications. After a root canal, you will be able to get back to your normal activities the following day without problems.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you are having a serious dental problem and a root canal is needed, schedule an initial appointment with us at our Gardena office. We practice gentle dentistry, and you can be confident in our ability to restore your beautiful smile

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His staff is super friendly and he’s downtown in a great local. I’m a very happy patient, and love my new dentist. I highly recommend him!

- D.E. Santa Barbara, CA
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I can not say enough about See Me Smile Dental, Dr. Omid, and his staff. I hope you will consider them if you live or work in Gardena because they have proven to be one of the best dental offices I have ever been to!

- V.S. Ventura, CA
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