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Tooth Extraction

We all want our teeth to last a lifetime, but this isn’t always possible. Once a tooth has been seriously decayed or has suffered some type of trauma or impact, it may be necessary to perform an extraction. Removing a tooth can help you to preserve your remaining teeth and restore oral health.

Why Extract a Tooth?

A very seriously decayed tooth could be so affected that it cannot be restored, and must be extracted. This can occur when the decay extends deep into the pulp (interior of tooth). With severe infections and decay, an extraction can prevent the spread of infection and damage to other teeth.

Some patients may need a tooth extracted due to severe gum disease. If gum disease has affected the gum tissue, and your tooth is loose, extracting it can be the best method to restore overall oral health.

For some people, including children, the jaw is too small to accommodate the growing teeth, or wisdom teeth. In these cases, a tooth could be extracted so that the teeth have sufficient room without crowding or misalignment.

What to Expect in A Tooth Extraction at Our Gardena Office

We practice gentle dentistry, and are exceptionally careful when extracting teeth. You have no need to worry, as you will not experience any pain during the procedure – the area will be completely numbed. In most cases, only a local anesthetic is needed. For people having more teeth extracted, a stronger medication may be administered. In either case, your comfort is always important to us, from start to finish.

Every case is unique, and every extraction is carefully planned, based upon the condition of the patient. For impacted teeth (when a wisdom tooth cannot come in, and is stuck under the gum, or can only partially break through), the tissue or bone holding the tooth in place must be removed. The tooth is then gently rocked to separate it from the jaw so it can be removed. For more difficult cases, the tooth may be removed in smaller pieces. Once removed, the area will be closed with self-dissolving sutures (stiches). Gauze is placed over the area to control bleeding, which will diminish in the hours after the procedure.

Recovery from a Tooth Extraction

We want you to have a swift and smooth recovery. We will provide you with guidelines to care for your mouth after an extraction. It takes about two weeks to fully recover, and during this period, it is advised that you get plenty of rest. Limit your activities so that your body’s energy is focused on healing. There is often some pain associated with an extraction, and Dr. Barkhordar will prescribe appropriate medication so you are comfortable.

Ice can be applied to manage any swelling, and you will be placing gauze over the area frequently. During the first stages of healing, eat only soft foods such as mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, or other soft foods. Don’t use straws, spit forcefully, or vigorously rinse your mouth during this period. The blood clot forming over the extraction site needs to remain in place. Brush and floss your teeth as normal, but avoid the area where the tooth was extracted.

It is normal to have some discomfort, bleeding and swelling for 24 hours after a tooth extraction. However, severe bleeding, signs of infection, or feelings of nausea are symptoms that you must discuss with your dentist immediately.

During the first 24 hours, some pain, swelling and bleeding is completely normal and to be expected. However, if the bleeding continues or is very severe, and you experience nausea, signs of an infection or discharge in the area, call Dr. Barkhordar immediately.

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If you need a tooth extraction, whether a wisdom tooth or other tooth, we practice gentle dentistry. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

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