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At Gardena Dental Care, we know that life can sometimes get in the way of maintaining your oral health. We never want school or work responsibilities to prevent your family from receiving the quality dental care they deserve.

Our staff will always work with you to provide convenient and flexible appointment times, so your family will never miss an important checkup or cleaning. We make sure that all our patients feel like they are a part of our Gardena Dental Care family while in our care.

What Is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a dental office that works specifically with both adults and children. Some dental offices only work with adults, and some dental offices only work with children. At Gardena Dental Care, we are a full-service family dental office. As a family dental office, we offer a full array of dental and orthodontic services, from preventative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and more. We also provide orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign® clear aligners.

What Is Children's Dentistry?

Children's dentistry is a subset of family dentistry that is focused on dental treatment for children. Because children have special needs when it comes to their healthcare, you will want to take your children to a pediatric dentist you can trust. Our entire team at Gardena Dental Care is trained and equipped to successfully work with children of all ages to help them grow with the healthiest smiles.

Family Dentist Gardena CA
Family Dentist in Gardena CA

What Are the Benefits of a Family Dentist?

Gardena Dental Care is dedicated to helping your entire family feel at ease when they come in for a visit in our modern, clean offices. We offer flexible appointment scheduling to make it easy for you to bring your whole family in as needed for dental treatments. Here are some of the other benefits of coming to Gardena Dental Care for family dentistry:

  • Establishes proper dental care techniques at a young age
  • Flexible and convenient appointment times
  • Comfortable and welcoming patient environment
  • Children can keep their same dentist as they get older
  • Convenient appointment times together for families
  • Our gentle and friendly dentist and staff will make you feel like family

Why Dental Care for the Whole Family?

Our comfortable and welcoming dentist office in Gardena is a perfect place for your whole family. Our caring staff and gentle dentists love working with patients of all ages and will go above and beyond to make sure that each member of your family is relaxed at every point during their visit. We have lots of experience working with younger and anxious patients, so you can trust us to provide outstanding dental care for your entire family.

Why Are Establishing Dental Habits Important?

At Gardena Dental Care, we know how important it is to your overall health to establish good dental health care habits early on in life. Our caring dentist will take extra time to teach little ones the proper ways to brush and floss their teeth and will emphasize the importance of biannual cleanings and checkups as kids get older.

How Does Family Dental Scheduling Work?

We understand how hectic your family schedule can get, and patients love our convenient appointment times! We never want work, school, or extracurricular activities to prevent patients from taking care of their smiles, so we’ll work with you to find an appointment time that works for everyone. In many cases, we’ll also try to schedule appointments close together, so you can save time by bringing the whole family in at once.

How Do We Get Started with Family Dentistry?

Call Gardena Dental Care at (424) 295-7885 to schedule an initial dental examination and teeth cleaning for your whole family. At the visit, we will review the patient’s oral health history, take x-rays, and examine the mouth. In most cases, we will also conduct a teeth cleaning to remove tartar and plaque buildup. Let us know in advance if you have any concerns or special needs, such as sedation dentistry for a nervous child.

Family Dentistry in Gardena CA

What Does Family Dentistry Cost?

Gardena Dental Care is committed to helping families get the dental care they need at prices that are reasonable and fair. We work with almost all dental health insurance companies, and we encourage our patients to get family dental insurance if possible. Family dental insurance can help you manage the costs of dental care for your entire family. If you do not have family dental insurance, we can still work with you. We offer affordable payment plans with financing options to make everything easy for you. Contact our wonderful team to learn more about our family dental care options.

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