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Pediatric Dentistry Gardena, CA

Are you looking for an effective and gentle dentist that's great with children? We offer high quality pediatric dental services, while working with you to ensure we don't stretch your time and budget.

Our highly trained Dr. Omid Barkhordar and our staff at Gardena Dental Care are committed to helping your children get and maintain strong and healthy smiles through every stage of their development. We also make sure our office is a relaxing and comfortable place to ensure your children will actually look forward to their dentist appointment!

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry Care

  • Teaches your child proper oral hygiene habits
  • Stops the progression of potential dental issues
  • Your child receives treatment customized specifically for them
  • Aids in building confidence
  • Your child doesn't need to switch dentists as they age
  • Instills proper dental hygiene habits

Your Child's First Visit

We will first schedule your child for a consultation at our friendly and modern office. We suggest you make your child's first dental appointment when their first tooth arrives.

Your child's first appointment will involve a thorough exam of their jaw, gums and teeth (or tooth) from our very experienced and kind Dr. Omid Barkhordar. The initial visit is a great way for us to meet you and your child and to spot and stop any possible oral complications. A dental treatment is usually unnecessary at this stage of your child's dental development.

We strongly encourage you to make sure your child is brought in once every six months for their routine dental checkup. As your child gets older, we'll be there to make sure their smile is always something they can be proud of.

Start Your Child's Dental Care On The Right Path!

Give us a call at (424) 295-7885 and schedule your child's first consultation today!

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