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Meet Dr. Hamid

Meet Dr. Hamid in Gardena, CA

Dr. Hamid Barkhordar is a general dentist and orthodontist at Gardena Dental Care in California. His mission is to provide California residents with superior, and cost-effective dental and orthodontic treatments. His calm, caring nature is adored by patients and immediately puts them at ease. With Dr. Hamid, you can rest assured that your oral health is in great hands!

What Are Dr. Hamid’s Credentials?

Dr. Hamid Barkhordar studied at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Here, he acquired a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Next, he attended Harvard University School of Dental Medicine to become an expert in orthodontic treatment. Dr. Hamid has a heart for others and has embarked on humanitarian missions to other countries, bringing dental care to communities in need. He is apprised of the latest advances in dental technology and routinely stays informed through training and continuing education programs.

What Orthodontic Treatments Does Dr. Hamid Provide?

Dr. Hamid Barkhordar provides patients in Gardena, CA and surrounding areas with cutting-edge orthodontic treatments. These orthodontic treatments include traditional metal braces, porcelain ceramic braces, and Invisalign® aligners. He also offers other orthodontic appliances such as retainers, headgear, expanders, and space maintainers. He takes the time to assess each patient’s unique needs before making suggestions and offering treatments that straighten your teeth and beautify your smile.

Dr Hamid's Specialities and Education
Dr Hamid's Specialities and Education

How Can I Benefit from Orthodontic Treatment with Dr. Hamid?

Dr. Hamid Barkhordar is well aware of the benefits of orthodontic treatment, and it is one reason he chose this specialty. Orthodontic treatments do more than straighten your teeth and smile. For example, misaligned teeth can be a factor in dental decay, the development of TMJ, and even periodontal disease. Dr. Hamid cares about your oral health and wants to give you the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve!

How Much Does Dr. Hamid’s Orthodontic Treatments Cost?

Orthodontic treatments vary in price, especially if you have dental insurance. However, Dr. Hamid understands that some people are on a budget. That is why he does his best to provide quality, cost-effective orthodontic treatments to residents in and around Gardena, CA!

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step with Orthodontic Treatment?

If you are interested in making an appointment at Gardena Dental Care, Dr. Hamid would love to meet you! You can either contact us or call (424) 295-7885 to schedule your consultation appointment and start your orthodontic journey today!


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