Oral Hygiene Guide for Kids Gardena CA

Oral Hygiene Guide for Kids

Oral Hygiene Guide for Kids Gardena, CA

Oral hygiene habits are best established at a young age. Children with good oral hygiene will often carry these habits into their adult lives. At Gardena Dental Care, we are passionate about teaching kids how to take care of their teeth and gums. This can save them painful dental procedures in the future, as well as benefit their overall wellness. This is why we have compiled an oral hygiene guide designed to answer many of your questions!

Why Does Gardena Dental Care Emphasize Oral Hygiene for Kids?

An oral hygiene regimen prevents tooth decay and cavities in children. Due to their small teeth, children are susceptible to rapid decay, and this can cause them to either need a pediatric root canal or lose one or more teeth. In addition, a good oral hygiene regimen can actually boost your child’s immune system by keeping bacteria at bay.

Why Does Gardena Dental Care Recommend Oral Care for Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth are important and help children eat, chew, and speak. Not taking proper care of them can lead to extractions, and the remaining baby teeth may shift. Shifting can prevent permanent teeth from entering the mouth correctly, causing the need for early orthodontic treatment. Shifting causes a painful misalignment of the teeth and jaw that contributes to issues like TMJ, headaches, and migraines.

Oral Hygiene for Kids Gardena CA
Oral Hygiene Regimen for Kids Gardena CA

What If My Child’s Baby Teeth Have Not Come in Yet?

Your baby’s mouth still requires care, even if their baby teeth have not yet erupted. For example, when your baby has finished feeding, it is important to softly clean their gums using a damp washcloth.

Are There Specific Oral Care Habits Gardena Dental Care Discourages in Children?

Gardena Dental Care discourages letting your child chew on hard or tough objects, such as ice cubes, toys, pencils, fingernails, and so forth. These rough surfaces can damage their teeth.

Can My Child’s Diet Really Affect Their Oral Health?

Diet is a large factor in the oral health of children. For example, sugar-filled sweets and drinks can give bacteria something to feast on, leading to dental decay and cavities. However, a nutrient-rich diet can be quite beneficial for their teeth and gums. This includes items like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats. A varied diet filled with vitamins and minerals can strengthen their teeth and contribute to oral health.

Will Gardena Dental Care Teach My Child How to Brush and Floss?

Gardena Dental Care will happily show your child how to brush and floss at their next visit. Like adults, children should brush their teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush a minimum of twice per day and for two minutes at a time. Flossing is also essential and should be completed at least once per day.

How Often Should My Child Visit Gardena Dental Care?

Regular dental exams and cleanings at Gardena Dental Care will remove plaque and tartar from hard-to-reach areas. Typically, your child will need one dental exam and one to two routine cleanings per year.

Oral Hygiene for Kids Gardena CA

How Much Does Children’s Dental Care in Gardena, CA Cost?

Gardena Dental Care is a family dentist in Gardena, CA, and our goal is to offer high-quality, cost-effective dental care to California residents. Having a family dental insurance plan is quite affordable and often helps cover routine dental exams and cleanings. If you do not have dental insurance, there is no need to worry! Gardena Dental Care has affordable payment plans designed to meet various budgets.

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