3D Imaging Technology in Gardena CA

3D Imaging Technology

3D Imaging Technology Gardena, CA

Dental imaging is an important part of diagnosing many problems with your teeth and jaws before restorative treatments or surgery. You’ve certainly had the most common form of dental imaging x-rays -at least once in the past.

Imaging has advanced far beyond the basic x-ray, however, and Gardena Dental Care is proud to offer one of the latest technological advances in dental care, 3D dental imaging technology, to our patients. We’re getting a lot of questions about this exciting new technology, and the answers to the most common questions are here.

What Is 3D Dental Imaging Technology?

This technology uses a special x-ray machine to create a 3-D model of your teeth, jaws, and all the surrounding tissues to help your doctor better understand your problem and select the best course of treatment.

The image created gives a real-life image of your mouth that is so accurate it calculates the size of each tooth down to the root as well as the spaces in between your teeth. This allows the doctor to better evaluate the benefits and risks of a procedure before recommending it.

How Does 3D Dental Imaging Technology Work?

The machine used is a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBMT) machine. It creates special cone-shaped x-rays that can measure not just your bones but your muscles, sinuses, nerves, nose, throat, ears, and neck.

3D Imaging Technology in Gardena CA
3D Imaging Technology Used in Gardena CA

Why Would I Need 3D Dental Imaging Technology Before My Treatment?

Our Gardena office uses 3D imaging technology to develop accurate images of your mouth before performing implants, orthodontic work, root canals, extractions, and many oral surgery procedures. It’s also often used to diagnose trauma to the neck and jaw, and prior to TMJ and sleep apnea treatment.

Your doctor will only recommend 3D imaging if it’s felt that it is the best way to make certain that you’re having the right treatment performed and to make sure that your treatment goes according to plan. These images will allow us to optimally place implants, for example.

Is the Radiation Involved in 3D Dental Imaging Technology Dangerous?

The radiation used is at a very low level and is not dangerous. It involves slightly more radiation exposure than a typical x-ray but is less than that involved in other imaging procedures. We understand that you may be worried about radiation exposure, and we only recommend 3D imaging when we feel that it’s necessary to give you the best possible treatment outcome.

How Will the 3D Dental Imaging Be Done?

The imaging process is as quick as an x-ray. You will place your head on a chin rest while standing, hold your head still, and the machine will spin around you to take the images, much like a traditional x-ray machine.

How Much Will 3D Dental Imaging Cost?

The cost of the imaging will depend on what type of images your doctor recommends and whether your dental or medical insurance will cover it. Some dental insurance companies will cover it while others will not. Most medical insurance companies require a well-documented medical reason, such as a history of trauma to the area, to pay for it.

If your insurance won’t cover the imaging, you can expect it to start at around $350. Our staff will contact your insurance providers and do everything they can to get it covered, however.

3D Imaging Technology Advantages in Gardena CA

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