Single Tooth Implants Gardena CA

Single-Tooth Implants

Single Tooth Implants Gardena, CA

Single tooth implants replace missing teeth and restore your gorgeous smile. If you are missing one or more teeth, single tooth implants will balance your bite and enable you to chew, speak, and eat normally. At Gardena Dental Care, we take time to understand your needs and can help assess if single tooth implants are right for you!

What Do Single Tooth Implants from Gardena Dental Care Do?

One of the main things single tooth implants accomplish is balancing your bite. When you have missing teeth, the remaining teeth shift, causing oral health issues. An unbalanced bite impairs your ability to eat, chew, and speak. It can also cause TMJ, pain, headaches, migraines, and more. Single tooth implants from Gardena Dental Care restore your smile’s aesthetic and function, allowing you to resume daily life!

How Are Gardena Dental Care’s Single Tooth Implants Made?

Single tooth implants from Gardena Dental Care contain three parts: a post, abutment, and prosthesis (or crown). Notably, the post and abutment are typically made of titanium due to its biocompatible properties. The prosthesis, which serves as the new, visible tooth, can be made of several materials, such as porcelain, porcelain fused with metal, and gold.

Single Tooth Implants Gardena CA
Single Tooth Implants in Gardena CA

What Are the Benefits of Single Tooth Implants?

Single tooth implants come with many benefits, and one of the main ones is that they will look and function like natural teeth! This alternative is seamless, permanent, and stops remaining teeth from shifting. You will be able to brush and floss your single tooth implants just like your other teeth.

Am I A Good Candidate for Single Tooth Implants in Gardena, CA?

If you are missing one or more teeth, single tooth implants may be the right option for you! However, Gardena Dental Care in Gardena, CA will make the final assessment. For example, if you are missing several teeth in certain locations, multiple-teeth implants or a bridge may be a better option.

How Long Does Getting a Single Tooth Implant Take?

Obtaining a single tooth implant from Gardena Dental Care takes several steps. First, if you still have your damaged tooth, Gardena Dental Care will extract it. We will also assess if you need any bone grafting, a ridge modification, or a sinus augmentation. Next, we will insert the post into the jawbone and allow it to heal. Importantly, the titanium post will act as the root of the missing tooth. Next, the abutment will be attached to the post (though sometimes this can be done in the same appointment). Once this has healed, the crown will be cemented onto the abutment, completing your single tooth implant.

How Do I Take Care of Single Tooth Implants?

One of the largest advantages to single tooth implants is the ability to care for them like the rest of your teeth. This includes brushing twice a day and flossing at least once, preferably using an electric toothbrush since it often removes more plaque. Regular brushing and flossing combined with dental exams and cleanings at Gardena Dental Care can keep your teeth and implants healthy, preventing periodontal disease and peri-implantitis.

Single Tooth Implants Gardena CA

How Much Do Single Tooth Implants in Gardena, CA Cost?

The cost of single tooth implants from Gardena Dental Care varies, especially if dental insurance is involved. Our office is committed to providing residents of Gardena, CA and surrounding areas with cost-effective care, so please call our office to learn more about our financing and payment plans!

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