Digital X-rays Gardena CA

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays Gardena, CA

Digital x-rays are also sometimes referred to as digital dental radiographs. Digital x-rays help Gardena Dental Care identify oral health issues that a regular dental exam may miss. This advanced dental technology utilizes digital sensors that render a detailed image of the oral cavity, allowing us to see its internal structures. At Gardena Dental Care, we use the latest technological advances to ensure optimal oral care!

Why Does Gardena Dental Care Use Digital X-rays?

There are certain areas of the mouth that are either difficult or impossible to see during a routine dental exam. Digital dental x-rays give us an enhanced view of the internal structures of your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, and facial bones. Digital x-rays let us identify any issues that might otherwise be missed.

Is There More Than One Type of Digital X-ray at Gardena Dental Care?

There are two main types of digital x-rays: intraoral and extraoral digital x-rays. Intraoral x-rays are best for identifying problems inside the mouth, like cavities, decaying or damaged teeth, or bone loss. Extraoral digital x-rays are beneficial for examining the jaw and facial bones, as well as detecting impacted teeth. One example of an extraoral x-ray is a panoramic x-ray, where the x-ray machine rotates around the outside of your head.

Digital X-rays Gardena CA
Digital X-rays in Gardena CA

Why Might I Need Digital X-rays?

Digital x-rays are used to complement your annual dental exam. They allow Gardena Dental Care to receive a detailed picture of your oral health. They may also be used if you are having a specific problem or have an injury affecting your mouth. In addition, individuals receiving orthodontic care will likely have digital dental x-rays because they let us see where the roots of your teeth are.

How Can Digital X-rays Benefit Me?

Digital x-rays help Gardena Dental Care detect oral health issues like anomalies, tooth decay, tumors, periodontal disease, receding gums, and bone loss. Finding these issues early on may keep you from needing more comprehensive dental work later. Digital x-rays can save time, money, and even your teeth!

Are Digital X-rays from Gardena Dental Care Safe?

Yes, digital x-rays from Gardena Dental Care are safe and effective. In fact, digital x-rays are safer than traditional dental x-rays because they emit 80%-90% less radiation. However, we will still give you a protective lead apron to wear during your digital x-rays for maximum protection.

Can Pregnant Women Receive Digital X-rays?

Digital x-rays do not pose any danger to pregnant women. In fact, a pregnant woman is able to have up to four digital x-rays per visit to Gardena Dental Care.

How Often Do I Need to Get Digital X-rays at Gardena Dental Care?

Digital dental x-rays are usually taken at your annual dental exam once a year. However, if you have had an injury or specific oral health issue, digital x-rays may be used to further diagnose the problem.

Digital X-rays Dentist in Gardena CA

How Much Are Digital X-rays from Gardena Dental Care?

Digital dental x-rays typically cost anywhere between $85-$250. If you have dental insurance, some plans may cover a portion of the cost or all of it. In addition, sometimes portions of this cost is included in your annual dental exam. Our friendly dental staff can help you determine your benefits and answer questions concerning cost.

When Was the Last Time You Received a Digital X-ray?

Gardena Dental Care uses digital x-rays to perform thorough dental examinations. If you are overdue for your annual appointment, contact us or call (424) 295-7885 today!


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