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Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy Gardena, CA

Are you suffering from intense pain, swelling, or tooth sensitivity? These symptoms could mean you have a decaying or infected tooth. Our expert root canal procedure may be the best way to relieve your troublesome symptoms and renew your overall comfort and health.

Tooth infections are not only painful, but can also cause dangerous dental complications, which could lead to an invasive tooth removal. Our professional root canal treatment gently eliminates the infection, so you can continue looking and feeling your best.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure in which we clean out any existing decay and infection, and in most cases, prevent a tooth extraction. We ensure that your root canal treatment is quick and gentle by using only the latest in technology and techniques. We also offer a variety of sedation options to guarantee your comfort.

Who May Need Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a common treatment for certain types of tooth conditions. When you come in for your regular dental checkup at Gardena Dental Care, our dentist will review the health of your teeth. If certain conditions are discovered, we may recommend root canal therapy. Certain signs and symptoms may alert us to the potential need for root canal therapy. These include:

  • Deeply rooted cavities that may be terribly painful
  • A tooth has become cracked, especially if the crack has gone beneath the gum line
  • A tooth with an old dental filling is starting to hurt and ache
  • The gums are showing signs of infection, such as redness, pimples, tenderness, swelling, or other inflammatory qualities
  • You experience pain or discomfort when eating and chewing
  • You experience increased sensitivity with your teeth to hot or cold items
Root Canal in Gardena CA
Root Canal Therapy in Gardena CA

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

When you undergo root canal treatment at Gardena Dental Care, you will experience many positive benefits for your oral health. These benefits may include:

  • Relief from painful and uncomfortable symptoms such as extreme tooth sensitivity, swelling or pain
  • May prevent an invasive future tooth removal by saving the tooth
  • Aids in avoiding time-consuming and pricey future dental work needed for replacing an extracted tooth
  • Reduced risk of the tooth infection spreading and causing unwanted complications

What Happens Without a Root Canal Treatment?

If root canal treatment is advised, it is not a good idea to ignore the recommendation and let the tooth go without treatment. Why is this? Without root canal therapy, the infection in the tooth could spread. This infection could severely compromise the tooth, and the entire tooth may be lost. Additionally, the infection in the tooth could aggravate gum disease as the bacteria spreads. Getting early root canal treatment done can potentially save the tooth, and it will reduce the pain and aggravation in the long-term, as well as avoid serious complications.

Root Canal Benefits in Gardena CA
Root Canal Symptoms in Gardena CA

What Is the Root Canal Treatment Process?

We will first bring you in for an introductory visit, which will include x-rays, a consultation, and an examination. Dr. Omid Barkhordar will then use his expertise to create a personalized treatment plan for addressing your decaying or infected tooth.

The root canal procedure will involve Dr. Barkhordar carefully and expertly removing any decay, infected soft tissue, and bacteria from the treatment area. He will then close off the root canal site from debris and bacteria by using our state-of-the-art sealing paste and compound.

We will finish the procedure by treating the top of the tooth with a color-matched filling. You may also be fitted for a dental crown in order to completely restore the functionality of your tooth.

How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

At Gardena Dental Care, we offer convenient payment plans with our dental financing partners that can work with your budget. For a root canal treatment, the average cost runs at approximately $1,000. We cannot give a precise quote via our website as the exact amount will depend on individual factors such as the status of the tooth and the health of the surrounding gum tissue. If our dentist thinks you might need a root canal treatment, we will go over the potential costs with you before you give us the green light to proceed. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask, we are happy to help!

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