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Dental Abrasions

Dental Abrasions Gardena, CA

Are your teeth showing signs of wearing down? Dental abrasions can look unappealing over time and can negatively affect your dental health and your self-esteem.

At Gardena Dental Care, we understand that dental abrasions can be unattractive and uncomfortable to live with. Our office provides personalized dental abrasion treatment to ensure your smile is always feeling and looking its best.

What Are Dental Abrasions?

A dental abrasion is an irregular wearing down of the tooth's surface. The abrasion usually presents itself as a v-shaped nick on the bottom of your tooth. There are many habits and practices that can lead to dental abrasions, such as:

  • Frequently consuming foods and beverages that contain lots of acid
  • Poorly fitted dental clasps on your dentures
  • Using too much strength while brushing your teeth
  • Mouth piercings that scratch your teeth
  • Utilizing a hard-bristle toothbrush daily
Dental Abrasions Gardena CA
Dental Abrasions Dentist Gardena CA

What Are Symptoms of Dental Abrasions?

Dental abrasions can create serious dental health issues, including exposing and damaging your tissue and nerves. Abrasions can also make your smile look tired and worn out. Some signs of a dental abrasion to look out for include:

  • Uncommon tooth sensitivity to the cold or heat
  • Tiny v-shaped dents that show up on the bottom of your tooth
  • Sore or uncomfortable gums
  • Uncomfortable tooth pain

What is Air Abrasion Dentistry?

It’s easy to confuse the dental condition known as an abrasion with air abrasion dentistry, which is a drill-less dental technique. Air abrasion is used to remove small amounts of tooth decay more comfortably and works via the same principles as a sandblaster. However, an air abrasion tool is much smaller and uses a fine stream of non-toxic particles.

We hope we don’t confuse you too much by explaining that air abrasion technology could be used to treat complications from dental abrasions. For example, if your tooth becomes decayed due to a dental abrasion, we might use an air abrasion tool to remove the decay.

Dental Abrasions in Gardena CA
Dental Abrasions Dentistry Gardena CA

What Are Some Ways to Help Prevent Dental Abrasions?

You can help prevent future dental abrasions by:

  • Stopping detrimental habits such as nail biting or object chewing
  • Following Dr. Barkhordar's professional instructions on proper tooth brushing
  • Refraining from using too much strength when brushing your teeth
  • Making sure your dental appliances have a comfortable fit
  • Keeping up-to-date on your routine dental checkups

How Are Dental Abrasions Treated?

If you're suffering from a dental abrasion, we can help. Visiting us at Gardena Dental Care is the first step in preventing and treating dental abrasions. Our Dr. Omid Barkhordar is highly experienced in giving his patients expert and personalized care. Our practice is also fully furnished with the latest in dental equipment and technology.

When you visit our office, we will review your case and determine the best course of treatment for your dental abrasions. Two common treatments for dental abrasions are fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel and mouth guards.

Dental Abrasions Treatment Gardena CA
Dental Abrasions Dentist Gardena CA

How Can a Mouth Guard Help with Dental Abrasions?

Some people get dental abrasions due to teeth grinding, aka bruxism. Bruxism can cause all sorts of problems with the teeth, including dental abrasions and other wear and tear. At Gardena Dental Care, we can help reduce the negative effects of teeth grinding with a custom mouth guard. A professional mouth guard is something you can wear at night while you sleep to prevent the effects of bruxism.

Our custom-made mouth guards are comfortable and non-toxic. They can be an invaluable tool in preventing and treating dental abrasions due to teeth grinding.

How Can Dental Abrasions Be Repaired?

We may choose to repair significant dental abrasions using dental technologies such as dental bonding, composite fillings, and dental crowns. These technologies can help make your teeth look and feel like new.

What Does It Cost to Treat Dental Abrasions?

Dental abrasions can cause long-term problems with teeth if they are not treated and mitigated. The cost of treating dental abrasions depends on the exact treatment. Fluoride treatments are very cheap (often under $50). The cost of a mouth guard may be a few hundred dollars and could be covered by insurance. Payment plans are always available, and our dental team is ready to help you if you have any questions.

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