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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions Gardena, CA

At Gardena Dental Care, we know just how troublesome aching pain from a damaged or infected tooth can be to live with. Our expert tooth extraction procedures may sometimes be a necessary option for bringing you relief and restoring the beauty and health of your smile.

Our office is devoted to guaranteeing your comfort and safety during the entire tooth extraction process. We offer a variety of sedation options and personalized patient care to make sure your experience is comfortable and relaxing.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is when a very infected, damaged, or decayed tooth is gently removed from its socket. This procedure will provide almost immediate relief and stops the spreading of the infection. Placement of dentures or other cosmetic treatments may also require the extraction of a healthy tooth. Sometimes we may also recommend extraction of an impacted tooth.

What Are Impacted Teeth?

Sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted because it is impacted. An impacted tooth is a tooth that did not fully erupt. The bulk of the tooth is still under the gumline instead of being exposed like it should be. When this happens, it can cause some problems such as chronic pain. Impacted teeth can also crowd other teeth. In these cases, extracting the impacted tooth might be helpful. Another option is to help the tooth erupt properly.

Tooth Extraction in Gardena CA
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Gardena CA

What Is a Basic Tooth Extraction?

A basic tooth extraction does not require surgery or extensive sedation. The dentist can just numb the area topically and remove the tooth with a pair of forceps. Then, the wound is protected with self-dissolving sutures.

What Are Surgical Tooth Extractions?

If a tooth is impacted or has undergone serious decay, a surgical extraction might be needed. A surgical extraction is a bit more invasive because the surrounding tissue may need to be excised to remove the tooth. In these cases, sedation such as general anesthesia may be used to help the patient be free of pain.

What Are the Benefits of a Tooth Extraction?

A professional tooth extraction can have many benefits for the patient. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to get a tooth extraction:

  • Stops the spread of an infection
  • Helps us perform cosmetic procedures with ease
  • Aids in eliminating any pain from the problem tooth
  • Provides an affordable solution for your infected or damaged tooth
  • Revives the comfort and health of your mouth
Tooth Extractions Gardena CA
Tooth Extractions Gardena CA

How Is an Extracted Tooth Replaced?

Once a tooth is extracted, we have a number of ways to replace it, if necessary. Sometimes, as in the case for wisdom teeth, the extracted tooth may not need to be replaced. But if the tooth does need replacement, such as when a front tooth becomes fractured, we can help at Gardena Dental Care. We offer several options, from removable dentures to fixed bridges to dental implants.

In cases where the removed tooth was important for the structure of the mouth, we may recommend replacement as soon as possible. In other situations, such as when a child loses a baby tooth, and the tooth does not need replacement, we can use a spacer to maintain the space. Spacers are commonly used when baby teeth are removed to allow for the permanent tooth to come in.

The Process of Extracting a Tooth

Initially, you will come to our comfortable and welcoming practice for a consultation. This will involve x-rays and an examination from our highly trained Dr. Omid Barkhordar. He will also consult with you to develop a customized plan to remove your tooth without discomfort or worry. We will also go over our different sedation options and help you choose the best method for your comfort.

During the extraction procedure, our well-qualified team will be closely monitoring your comfort and progress, so you'll be able to relax during treatment. After the problem tooth is expertly removed, the area will be closed off with self-dissolving sutures. We will also place gauze to take care of any lingering bleeding and you will go home with specific and detailed recovery instructions.

Tooth Extractions Gardena CA

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

If you need a tooth extraction, you can expect to spend between $75 and $300 dollars, or perhaps more, if a surgical extraction is necessary. If the procedure is needed medically, your dental insurance may cover some or all the costs. Contact our helpful front desk staff to ask about our easy financing and payment plans at Gardena Dental Care.

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