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Are you worried about the appearance and health of your teeth? A composite filling is a wonderful choice for restoring a healthy radiance to your smile.

We know how vital a beautiful smile is to our patients’ confidence. Composite fillings allow us to repair teeth and revive their functionality without leaving you with a mouth filled with metal. We provide high-quality, natural-looking fillings that improve your smile and protect your teeth from further damage.

What Are Composite Dental Fillings?

A composite filling is crafted with a mixture made of high-quality quartz and plastic and is professionally matched to the color of your natural teeth. Our composite substance is used to fill in cavities as well as gaps in your teeth, while still preserving the natural look of your smile. Composite fillings are a popular choice and are preferred by many over traditional metal fillings.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

Composite dental fillings are an important tool for your dentist because they are so helpful in treating common issues such as tooth decay. The benefits of natural-looking composite fillings include:

  • Creates a natural and more even appearance to your teeth
  • Aids in stopping future tooth decay
  • Gives beautiful results that can last for years
  • Provides protection from bacteria and debris
Composite Fillings in Gardena CA
Composite Fillings benefits in Gardena CA

What Dental Conditions Do Composite Dental Fillings Treat?

When you hear the term “dental filling,” you might immediately think of cavities. But composite dental fillings are for much more than just cavities. Here is a list of a few ways we use composite fillings at Gardena Dental Care:

Cavities and Tooth Decay: Composite fillings are a great way to repair cavities safely and quickly. A composite filling blends in with the natural tooth and provides a protective coating over the tooth. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, composite fillings have no risk of mercury leakage and are not toxic.

Gapped Teeth: Gapped teeth are not just a cosmetic problem. They may be prone to collecting pieces of food and debris, which can further the development of plaque and tartar. A composite dental filling is an excellent choice for fixing gapped teeth.

Worn Teeth: Worn-down teeth can be more prone to tooth decay and breakage. Composite dental fillings strengthen and rebuild worn teeth while making them look brand new.

Chipped Teeth: Chipped teeth are not only visually unappealing, but they can also become problematic if not repaired. A chipped tooth could fracture and develop an infection. Composite fillings can be used to repair the chipped tooth, preventing future problems.

Are Composite Fillings Nontoxic?

Some patients are concerned about silver amalgam fillings or metal amalgam fillings due to the use of mercury. Composite dental fillings are a great alternative to metal amalgam fillings as no mercury is used in composite. The composite resin used in modern fillings is non-toxic and safe for adults and children.

How Long Do Composite Fillings Last?

Composite fillings are cost-effective and last at least 5 to 7 years and sometimes double that with proper care. You can extend the life of your composite fillings by avoiding bad habits such as chewing on pencils or anything else that might put stress on the teeth.

What Is the Composite Filling Process?

You will first arrive at our welcoming practice for an initial consultation, which includes x-rays and an examination from our experienced Dr. Omid Barkhordar. Dr. Barkhordar will work with you to come up with the best treatment plan for you and your smile.

The composite filling procedure begins with us cleaning out all the existing debris, tooth decay, and bacteria. Dr. Barkhordar and his highly qualified staff will next use our special dental adhesive and composite substance to fill in the gaps that the tooth decay has left behind. We will finish the procedure by utilizing our modern composite bonding to stabilize and seal the filling. You'll be able to leave our office with renewed comfort and confidence.

Composite Fillings care in Gardena CA

How Much Do Composite Fillings Cost?

Composite fillings are quite reasonably priced and can cost from $150 to $350 per filling on average. Many types of dental insurance provide some coverage of these costs, especially if they are functionally needed to restore the teeth. At Gardena Dental Care, our commitment is to make our dental services accessible to all patients. For this reason, we offer financing and payment plans to suit your budget. Talk to our staff if you have any questions!

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