Fluoride Treatment Gardena CA

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment Gardena, CA

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in nature, including in water, soil, and rocks. Interestingly, it has antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria and help prevent dental cavities. It can be found in many products, such as most tubes of toothpaste and mouthwashes. At Gardena Dental Care, we use fluoride treatments to revitalize the enamel on your teeth and protect them from decay!

What Do I Need to Know About Fluoride Treatments from Gardena Dental Care?

During a fluoride treatment at Gardena Dental Care, we will carefully apply fluoride to your teeth. Sometimes the fluoride is in the form of a foam or rinse, and other times it is a gel. It will sit on your teeth for a certain amount of time, giving it time to work. Afterward, it is best to wait half an hour to eat or drink. Fluoride treatments are safe, effective, and take a matter of minutes!

How Can a Fluoride Treatment from Gardena Dental Care Help Me?

Fluoride treatments are highly effective at preventing dental decay and cavities. In addition, it helps strengthen the remaining enamel on your teeth. When tooth enamel erodes, decay can occur. Fluoride treatments are one preventative measure that keeps teeth healthy.

How Do Fluoride Treatments Strengthen Tooth Enamel?

Fluoride treatments fortify tooth enamel by taking an active role in the process of remineralization. For example, our teeth undergo demineralization and remineralization on a regular basis. The acid produced by bacteria begins to wear down our teeth. This is known as demineralization, and it can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Remineralization occurs when beneficial minerals in our saliva, like calcium and phosphate, help restore our enamel. In aiding the remineralization process, fluoride strengthens enamel and thereby wards off cavities.

Fluoride Treatment Gardena CA
Fluoride Treatment in Gardena CA

Is it Safe to Receive a Fluoride Treatment from Gardena Dental Care?

Yes, fluoride treatments are safe to receive. Though they use more fluoride than what is found in toothpaste or mouthwash, we know just the right amount to use! You can trust Gardena Dental Care to prioritize your oral health with professional fluoride treatments.

Does Gardena Dental Care Recommend Fluoride Treatments for Everyone?

Anyone can receive fluoride treatments from Gardena Dental Care. Fluoride treatments help prevent cavities in children and adults! Our dentists especially recommends fluoride treatments for individuals who are prone to tooth decay and developing cavities, such as children.

How Do I Know if I Am at Risk for Tooth Decay and Cavities?

In addition to individuals with a history of these oral health issues, seniors and special needs individuals are more at risk for developing cavities. It is often more difficult for them to adequately remove the plaque from their teeth, and fluoride treatments can help protect them from dental decay.

How Often Can I Receive a Professional Fluoride Treatment from Gardena Dental Care?

You may benefit from routine fluoride treatments if you are prone to tooth decay, cavities, or other oral health issues. This may be around 6-12 months, or in some cases, more often. Gardena Dental Care can help you assess the right frequency of fluoride treatments for you!

How Much Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments from Gardena Dental Care are very cost-effective. For example, a typical fluoride treatment usually costs between $10-$30. If you have dental insurance, they might pay for either some or all of the cost, depending on your benefits. Our friendly staff can help you find out if your dental insurance covers fluoride treatments.

Are You Considering Fluoride Treatment at Gardena Dental Care?

Fluoride treatment can help strengthen your remaining enamel and keep cavities at bay. For more information about our professional fluoride treatments, contact us or call (424) 295-7885 today!


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